Addiction hurts. It destroys relationships. It ruins lives. It kills.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab is Necessary for Long-term Recovery

Long-term recovery is possible, and our inpatient alcohol rehab provides strong guidance and support. Asking for help is difficult, and it is important not to short-change your efforts by choosing the wrong inpatient alcohol treatment or inpatient addiction treatment center. Expect respect, honesty, understanding and encouragement at Inpatient Recovery.

Alcohol inpatient rehab and inpatient drug rehab are at the heart of lasting recovery. Without intensive and professionally implemented alcohol inpatient rehab, relapse is more likely. We specialize in inpatient alcohol rehab, so that each of our clients receives the best and most individualized core treatment services. This grounding makes it possible for our clients to transition more effectively into outpatient services or sober community support systems.

Understanding Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol dependence, also called alcoholism, doesn’t mean that someone lacks willpower to stop drinking. This is a damaging myth that often stops people from seeking help. There are many reasons a person becomes dependent on alcohol, including genetics. No matter what factors led to alcoholism, there is hope for recovery. Inpatient alcohol treatment at Inpatient Recovery provides the time and the dedicated attention needed to become sober and stay sober.

Inpatient Recovery gives you the best chance for rehabilitation by:

  • Determining which level of care best suits your initial needs
  • Taking the time to get to know you and your history
  • Creating an individualized care plan that includes both individual and group therapy
  • Integrating dual diagnosis care for mental health issues that may be present along with the addiction
  • Offering a multitude of treatment options, each implemented by a highly experienced staff
  • Making sure that your inpatient alcohol rehab maximizes relapse prevention skills and techniques

Inpatient Recovery uses the 12-step model as our foundational focus during alcohol inpatient rehab. We know from experience that the 12-step approach provides the best long-term guide for continued recovery success. As clinicians, and as a team that includes many staff members who are successful in their own long-term recovery, using the 12-steps during inpatient alcohol rehab provides a natural support for the rest of a person’s life of sobriety.

We Offer Multiple Alcohol Inpatient Rehab Programs & Services

At Inpatient Recovery our goal is to provide you with the education, tools and fundamental inner changes necessary to stop the cycle of drinking and out of control emotions. We also want our clients to return to a life based on wellness.Social drinking is not possible for those with an alcohol problem, but a joyful and enjoyable sober life is!

Each of our inpatient alcohol rehab programs and services is designed with your current needs in mind. Entering a short-term inpatient alcohol treatment program, when you require a longer-term option, will only set you up for failure. Your clinical evaluation team will be completely honest with you and recommend the best initial level of care for your situation. At Inpatient Recovery, you will be living and going through treatment with other clients. Peer support is a powerful recovery resource!

Our primary inpatient programs include:

  • 60 Day Alcohol Addiction Treatment
  • 90 Day Alcohol Addiction Treatment

We also offer:

  • Medically-Supervised Alcohol Detox Therapy
  • Sober Living Options
  • Extended Care and Counseling

Contact Inpatient Recovery 24/7 to speak to one of our experienced intake counselors. You don’t need to wait. We’re here to help you begin your inpatient alcohol rehab journey today.

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