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6 Nutritious Snacks to Kick Off March Madness

6 Nutritious Snacks to Kick Off March Madness

While you’re sitting back watching March Madness on your big screen TV, you get that craving for something tasty. What good is watching a big game if you don’t have a delicious snack by your side? You might be tempted to order a huge plate of wings or grab a jumbo-sized bag of nachos, but do you know how much fat and calories these snacks contain? Why put all that junk in your body when there are plenty of healthy alternatives? Here are four healthier snack options for you to try during March Madness.

  • Sweet potato fries – It’s easy to shovel in handfuls of fries without a second thought, but do you know how much fat and calories are in these snacks? Take the fryer out of the equation and grab an order of vitamin-A-rich sweet potato fries. Throw these into the oven to bake, and then douse them with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. In a few minutes you’ll have a delicious and crispy snack that won’t pack as much fat as a standard order of fries.
  • Turkey meatball sliders – Almost everyone enjoys a large plate of sliders, especially at game time. But it’s a good idea to ditch the beef and instead go with the healthier turkey meat. Turkey meatball sliders are delicious, zesty, and best of all, healthy! Don’t worry, they’re actually very easy to make, and before you know it, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t try these snacks before!
  • Trail mix Maybe you don’t feel like starting up the oven to prepare your snacks. That’s totally fine. Trail mix is a quick and easy snack that you can toss together in minutes. For the best recipe, mix in almonds, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and a few dark chocolate chips. Throw them all together into a bowl and you have healthy, tasty trail mix!
  • Hummus – You’ve got your chips, now what about the dip? French onion and queso dip can be high in fat and sodium, so it might be best to skip these options. Instead, try hummus, which is high in fiber with a low glycemic index, thus filling you up faster. You can swap your potato chips for wheat tortilla chips or whole-grain pita bread to make your meal even healthier!

So while you’re meticulously monitoring your bracket and keeping your eyes on the scoreboard during March Madness, make sure you’re also watching out for what you’re eating. Make smarter food choices and select these healthier alternatives to fill up your plate.

Do you have any suggestions on healthier snacks for game time? Let us know below.

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