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7 Sober Activities to do This Summer

7 Sober Activities to do This Summer

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The summer is a time when people look forward to taking holidays and spending time out of doors. If you have recently completed your rehab addiction treatment and are looking for some sober activities to do this summer, here are some suggestions to help you stay on track.

1. Join a recreational sports team.

Find a summer softball league or exercise group to join. It’s a great way to meet new people and stay fit after you complete your addiction therapy treatment.

2. Go to county fairs or food festivals.

On any weekend, there are local events that you can visit. You can sample local foods, enjoy live music, and see examples of work done by local artisans. Many of the attractions are free or available at a nominal cost. Ask a friend who is also in recovery to accompany you for a fun-filled outing.

3. Go to an outdoor concert.

Check your newspaper or online to find out where you can see local talent performing out of doors. Pack a picnic and bring some friends to enjoy an entertaining evening of music under the stars.

4. Visit an amusement park or a zoo.

Rediscover your inner child and get some friends together to spend a day at an amusement park or a zoo. Get on the rides if that is something you enjoy. Walk through the park slowly and take everything in, just like you would have done as a young child. Allow yourself to fully appreciate the experience.

5. Volunteer with a local organization.

Find a local organization that interests you, and contact it to volunteer your time. Animal shelters need people to clean cages, walk dogs and perform other chores. Hospitals and nursing homes can use a helping hand. If you feel stuck trying to find a place that would fit your interests, you could approach a counselor at your substance abuse recovery program for some suggestions.

6. Explore local nature trails.

Spending time out of doors is something that you can look forward to when the mercury rises. Hop on your bike or put on a sturdy pair of hiking shoes and go for a walk. Be sure to take a bottle of water and a healthy snack with you.

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