Addiction hurts. It destroys relationships. It ruins lives. It kills.

Give Yourself the Gift of Recovery This Year

Give Yourself the Gift of Recovery This Year

As you’re running around trying to pick out just the right gifts to give friends and loved ones, have you stopped to think about what you want for yourself? What is on your wish list? Not every gift comes in a beautifully wrapped box with a bow. Some presents are not something you can see or touch, and they do not come from a catalog or store.

The gift of recovery can be one of the most meaningful things you do for yourself this year. It’s a gift that keeps giving the whole year through and affects not just your life, but the lives of those around you as well. Embracing sobriety can give you a new outlook and renewed motivation.

You’ll feel better: You won’t have to worry about going through the highs and lows of substance use and withdrawal. In sobriety, you can have a clearer mind, healthier diet, better sleep and energizing activity. Wake up feeling good and ready to take on the day.

You can make the most of your time: Instead of consuming yourself with when, where, and how you’ll be able to use, you can fill your days with more meaningful activity. Live in the moment playing with your kids, finally finishing the project you’ve been working on, or going out for coffee with friends.

You’ll have less worry: A life of addiction can be filled with lies, deceit, and uncertainty. In recovery, you won’t have to worry about an accidental overdose, remembering what excuse you gave your boss for being late, or how you’ll keep your use hidden from others. You can focus on making amends and showing how you’ve changed. It can give you peace of mind to be more open and honest.

You’ll have more opportunity: Start ticking things off of your bucket list. You can make short- and long-term goals to get you where you want to be in life. A fresh start can be just what you need to finally switch jobs, take up a new hobby or get in shape.

You are deserving of another chance and the opportunity to make the most of your future. The gift of recovery is something you can do for yourself that can change your life and give you a sense of purpose.

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