Addiction hurts. It destroys relationships. It ruins lives. It kills.

Holistic Inpatient Residential Treatment Programs Offer Support to the Whole Person

Holistic Inpatient Residential Treatment Programs Offer Support to the Whole Person


When someone says the word, “addict,” it’s all too easy to use it in a disparaging tone. No one would ever think to add that kind of emphasis when discussing any other type of medical condition, but this type of disease is discounted and shunted off into the corner. It’s still easier to “blame and shame” than to admit than to face it head on in many cases.

The addiction doesn’t exist in one part of a person’s life. It affects everything that person touches. If you are looking for addiction treatment that works, you need to take a holistic approach.

Customized Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Each person who needs help to heal from a substance abuse issue is unique. Individual treatment plans are customized to meet each client’s needs.

When a new client arrives at a residential drug and alcohol treatment program, the first step is to go through an assessment. If detoxification (detox) is required, it is conducted under supervision of qualified personnel. A client must be free from the physical effects of drugs and alcohol before starting addiction treatment, which may include the following: nature hike

  • Individual sessions with an addictions counselor
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Instruction on preparing healthy meals
  • Exercise classes
  • Group activities, such as hiking, nature walks and outings
  • Learning how to enjoy the moment, through meditation and going hiking

Effective Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Spending time at an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab gives clients the chance to get away from the noise of their everyday lives. They won’t be able to go out to their familiar surroundings to drink or get high if they feel bored or stressed. That is no longer an option.  They, and their counselors, can take a good look at the reasons they were hurting enough that they became addicts. The underlying cause of the addiction needs to be treated and dealt with as part of the treatment.

It’s not enough to simply encourage an addict to stop using for a time. That is just a temporary measure. Real healing starts when you address the root of the problem. The drug or alcohol use is a symptom. The real issue is some type of emotional pain. When a client is admitted for residential treatment in California, they can take the time to get the care they need to get well. The hurting can stop and they can learn the strategies they need to move toward a life that includes long-term sobriety.

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  • Jerry Love says:

    When my cousin came to me saying Free my life from addiction I just knew it was time to help her take a path like no other! The path of sobriety. She has now been sober for 2 years! Thank you!

  • Jamie Nixonn says:

    I found a great Inpatient Recovery Center in California for my father to go to. Thanks to this post!

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