Addiction hurts. It destroys relationships. It ruins lives. It kills.

What Does ‘Holistic’ Mean?

What Does ‘Holistic’ Mean?


Holistic drug addiction treatment is a new approach that is quickly becoming popular with medical practitioners, therapists and rehabilitation centers. Drug addiction begins as a physical habit which progresses into a psychological dependency. Trying to recover from drug addiction is a painful process that is emotionally and mentally exhausting. Treating only the physical symptoms might be a temporary relief. Holistic healing also treats the mind and spirit. There is often a deeper issue that causes the person to turn towards drugs initially. By providing treatment to every aspect of the patient, holistic drug addiction treatment is the most successful method for helping with drug addiction.

What is Holistic and How does it Work?

The term “holistic” means to consider a person as a whole, physically and psychologically. Working together, therapists and patients discover the root cause of their drug problem. Once that has been discovered, the patient learns new healthy habits to combat the addiction. It is a long and painful process. Drug addiction alters the body and the mind, causing physical and mental pain. Here is how holistic drug addiction treatment can help:

  • Physical treatments include: medication, acupuncture, and massage therapy
  • Psychological treatments include: cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-step facilitation therapy, and motivational enhancement therapy
  • Spiritual treatments include: yoga, energy psychology, and somatic experiencing

When entering a drug addiction recovery program, patients will be treated by teams of counselors and therapists who are trained to administer holistic healing. Also, treatment is personalized for every individual based on symptoms, severity, and term. There is currently little research done on the effectiveness of holistic drug addiction treatment. Yet, many medical practitioners and patients see the benefits of it over medication alone. It decreases the pain and suffering often associated with detoxing from drugs. Holistic drug addiction recovery treats you as a whole. As a result, the patient forms skills to recover from drug addiction long term.

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