Addiction hurts. It destroys relationships. It ruins lives. It kills.

How To Customize Your Holistic Treatment Recovery

How To Customize Your Holistic Treatment Recovery

Customized Holistic Treatment Recovery

When it comes to addiction, no two people ever share the same exact storyline. Some attempt to self-medicate coexisting mental disorders, while others use substance abuse as an escape from work or family stressors. Even in cases where two individuals share an addiction to the same drug, health complications, tolerance levels and additional factors contribute to an altered set of experiences and challenges.

With many “traditional” recovery methods, clients often require change in order to properly accept treatment. These days, patients are afforded the ability to choose a path that matches their own unique needs and situation.


Gaining an understanding as to the underlying problems that have triggered or caused addiction is key to the recovery process. Only when a patient can identify these issues can they take action to combat them. This incorporates alternative means for addressing anger, stress and depression. One-on-one therapy and counseling sessions can offer a secure and safe environment to explore.

Counseling is key to combating dual diagnosis – an addiction that coexists with a mental disorder, such as bipolar or depression. In order to ensure a successful recovery, the mental disorder will require separate treatment to ward off future abuse issues.

Spirit – Body – Mind

Many patients need additional treatments to ensure a successful recovery. Our bodies often require time to heal from the damage done by alcohol and drug abuse. Pleasure and happiness may appear out of reach without the effects of artificial chemicals on the brain; spirituality may seem diminished and exhausted.

Therapies and activities that offer relief to one patient may not necessarily work for another. A custom addiction treatment program at Mountain Village can provide you with a recovery based on your individual goals, interests and challenges.

Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing or meditation, our customized holistic recovery program can provide you with the guidance, support and tools you need to enjoy the recovery you’ve been dreaming of. Pick up the phone today, and let our team of addiction specialists help you back on track towards the healthy, happy, invigorating lifestyle you’ve been missing!


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