Addiction hurts. It destroys relationships. It ruins lives. It kills.

Massage Benefits for Substance Abuse Recovery

Massage Benefits for Substance Abuse Recovery


Between social programs, lost wages, treatment, crime, prevention and intervention, the National Institute of Drug Addiction estimates the cost of U.S. substance abuse at a whopping $484 billion per year. As the issue continues to escalate, many experts are turning to alternative methods, such as massage therapy, as a tool for recovery.

Helping Pain Associated With Withdrawal

Massage Benefits For Substance Recovery | Holistic Addiction Treatment

One of the many reasons for relapse during recovery lies in the pain associated with the withdrawal process. Withdrawal is uncomfortable at its best – extremely painful at its worst. Massage is often used to address chronic pain issues, and as such, is a valuable asset in the fight against withdrawal pains and PAWS (post acute withdrawal symptoms). PAWS is defined by the pain of a body relearning how to properly function without the problem substance for an elongated period of time.

Increased Immune Response

Alcohol and drugs inhibit a body’s ability to react when threatened by bacteria and viruses. That is why addicts often fall ill with flu and colds. During the period where an addict is attempting to quit, they will generally fall ill easier and quicker until a time when the immune system is able to function properly. Massage therapy can aid during this transition by increasing immune response.

Addressing Anxiety And Depression During Initial Recovery Phase

Many addicts often struggle with anxiety and/or depression during the initial recovery phase. These conditions may be directly related to PAWS, or an underlying condition that caused the individual to self-medicate in the first place. In addition, many addicts often lack proper coping skills due to extended use. Massage has been shown to help decrease depression and anxiety symptoms.

Help With Cravings During Recovery

Cravings during recovery can prove so intense in some addicts that the individual must focus all of their strength and energy into resisting. Massage therapy has been shown to help reduce these cravings with regular sessions.

Something Healthy For You!

If for no other reason, massage offers a healthy and positive way to feel good about who you are! It can prove itself a wonderful step forward toward self-care on the journey from self-destruction.

Regular Massage Treatment Throughout Recovery

In order to realize the positive effects of massage therapy, patients must make it a regular part of their recovery treatment. Though even one session can do wonders, weekly visits can provide addicts with the most obvious results and maximum benefit.

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