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N-Bomb: Another Dangerous Designer Drug

N-Bomb: Another Dangerous Designer Drug


N-Bomb was banned in Russia in 2011, and finally made a Schedule I drug (not approved medical use and high potential for abuse) in the US in 2014. Fact is, N-Bomb is still street ready and willing to provide a potentially deadly high.

N-Bomb is a twist on the scientific in-lab name 252NBOMe. It also goes by several other street names, including Smiles. N-Bomb mimics many of the effects of the psychedelic drug LSD:

  • Euphoria and elevated mood
  • Increased awareness of colors, music, and patterns
  • Feelings of love and connection to others

If it wasn’t potentially addictive, controlled and far from the dangerous bigger picture, those qualities might improve anyone’s day. However, along with what users hope to feel when using N-Bomb is another laundry list of symptoms:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Extremely elevated body temperature
  • screaming
  • Seizures
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Death

N-Bomb is a powder and often mixed with alcohol or other liquids and dripped onto blotting paper. These “tabs” can be tucked into the mouth cheek or under the tongue. Strangely, horrifically, the blotting paper is frequently printed with teddy bears or clowns.

The $5 Bad Choice

Users can’t be sure what is on the blotting paper, let alone the effects they will experience. Case in point is 16 year old Grant Hobson in Texas, who made a $5 bad choice at a school party. Grant injected the synthetic drug and died soon after. His parents spearheading a grass roots awareness initiative on the dangers of N-Bomb.

EMTs in Florida have stepped up in services on N-bomb. National and international ERs are documenting the treatment of patients experiencing the life-threatening effects of this synthetic chemical.

Some people will proclaim that there are always going to be new drugs to try, that it is a choice, and you cannot stop people from doing this. Isn’t there a better idea out there? How can we curb this experimentation among teens, and even adults? Ideas or comments? Please share them! And if you need help, we’re here for you, 24/7.

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