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Setting Boundaries During Recovery

Setting Boundaries During Recovery

Recovery is a long, difficult process, and the most you can do is make it easier to manage for yourself and others. One obstacle you may need to overcome during recovery is the possibility of your friends and family interfering with your process. While they often mean well, sometimes it is a better idea to take a step back and modify these relationships. Do not worry – you do not have to completely sever ties with your family, but it is a good idea to set up some boundaries. Here are a few ways you can set healthy boundaries while in recovery.

  • Set up small boundaries first. You have to work your way up to creating proper, healthy boundaries with family and friends. This makes it easier both for you and your family since you are not building walls immediately. Begin establishing boundaries by letting your family know of your intentions, and slowly work your way upward.
  • Consider a new atmosphere. You may need to change your environment to increase the chances of success in your recovery. Checking into a professional clinic is advisable, but you can also move to a new place to further distance yourself. Let your friends and family know that you need some time and space to yourself for the recovery process.
  • Modify communication. As mentioned earlier, you do not have to cut yourself off from family and friends completely, but you should look into changing how you communicate. Speak to them on the phone or via video chat when you are comfortable. Allow them to visit once in a while, but make sure they do not overshadow you. Be careful about using social media since it can often cause its own set of problems with recovery.

You may be hesitant about setting up boundaries between you and your family, but in some cases, it is a necessity. You do not want anyone to interfere with your recovery, especially those closest to you. Work on building the boundaries early on and do not be afraid to be direct with people. Tell them that these boundaries are important for your ultimate recovery goal.

Do you have any other suggestions for setting healthy boundaries with family during the recovery process? Share your thoughts with us!

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