Addiction hurts. It destroys relationships. It ruins lives. It kills.

The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

Living under the weight of active addiction or alcoholism can be a horrible strain to the addict and their family. Quite often, addicts engage in behaviors ranging from worrisome to abusive. By the time they reach the doors of recovery, the addict or alcoholic has harmed many people, including themselves.

Forgiveness is a process of letting go of past behavior and releasing negative feelings toward yourself and others. Letting go of resentment, anger, bitterness, and frustration lays the groundwork for acceptance. With acceptance comes a peace and willingness to begin anew. Practicing selfless, thoughtful behavior goes a long way to making right the harms done. Once an addict or alcoholic gets to the place of true forgiveness, a newfound freedom lies waiting.

In some cases, the addicts’ past behavior could be so damaging that forgiveness seems impossible. Once an addict begins to take responsibility for this damage and make right what he or she can, the impossible begins to become possible. Where there was no way, a way is shown. These are markers of the power of true forgiveness.

A consistent effort to make right harm done, a commitment to no longer harm, and a desire to be of service become a way of daily life for the addict in recovery. The transformation of harms done into a gift of recovery is a main pillar of recovery.

As Oprah Winfrey says, “True forgiveness is when you can say thank you for that experience.”

Asserting to live a sober life free from harmful behavior is a brave act. Living each day to the best of one’s ability and making amends for harms done while under the influence of drugs and alcohol takes courage and perseverance. In this way, addicts begin to recognize the power of forgiveness in recovery. This process opens the door to healing the damaging effects of addiction.

If you are feeling the damage of addiction or alcoholism, we encourage you to contact us today. A new way of life is awaiting you.

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