Addiction hurts. It destroys relationships. It ruins lives. It kills.

How Does Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Benefit Me?

How Does Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Benefit Me?

Holistic drug treatment is a relatively new approach to treating drug addiction that is rapidly gaining popularity in rehabilitation centers around the world. Advocates of this treatment aim to treat patients holistically. In other words, medical practitioners and counselors help addicts to achieve total recovery by administering therapies that rehabilitate patients physically, mentally and spiritually. Through this process, withdrawal symptoms are managed; patients discover the root causes of addiction and learn new habits to help maintain overall wellness.

Physical Treatment In Holistic Drug Rehab

Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Benefits | Holistic Therapy RehabRecovering from drug addiction can be an uncomfortable and painful process. This is because the body adapts to accommodate drug use to the extent that it becomes dependent on substances. When drug consumption stops, the body automatically re-adjusts in order to return to its natural state. During this restoration period, patients can experience a range of symptoms from minor discomfort to severe pain.

Holistic addiction treatment, therefore, aims to reduce physical symptoms caused by withdrawal to make recovery more tolerable. Symptoms are usually successfully managed through non-addictive medications. In some cases, treatment methods such as acupuncture and massage therapy are administered to minimize the stress and tension that withdrawal can cause on the system. The goal is to keep patients as comfortable as possible while the drugs are being flushed out of the body.

Mental/Psychological Holistic Treatment

Drug addiction affects both the body and the mind. What might start off as a physical addiction quickly develops into a psychological dependency. Patients create mental patterns over time to support the addiction. This is why a holistic drug addiction program aims at rehabilitating both body and mind. Treating physical symptoms only might offer temporary relief for patients, but without renewing mental patterns, recovering users often relapse. With adequate counseling and other psychological therapies, you can experience complete mind-body restoration.

Spiritual Therapy In Holistic Treatment

Spiritual drug addiction treatment is often misunderstood because the medical world has not yet agreed on its definition. However, many patients have reported significant improvements after attending several sessions of therapies focused on spirituality.  Therapies include yoga, energy psychology and somatic experiencing. These treatment methods are intended to achieve spiritual and emotional wellness by improving the patients’ self-worth, helping recovering addicts to create an identity separate from addiction, and overcoming personal traumatic experiences that might have triggered drug use.

Does Holistic Drug Treatment Work?

Enrolling in a holistic inpatient residential program can be highly beneficial for drug users seeking complete rehabilitation. Patients are attended to by professionals that are qualified to administer a wide variety of treatments. Treatment is also individualized according to the severity, term and symptoms. Although scientific study is still pending, there are many patients who attest to its effectiveness.

It is not hard to see why holistic addiction treatment is fast becoming the most preferred method to treat drug addiction. Care is customized to the patient and decreases the discomfort that usually accompanies withdrawal. Not only do patients enjoy a more comfortable recovery, you are also equipped with the skills, knowledge and habits needed to lead a drug-free, healthy lifestyle. Contact Mountain Village Inpatient Recovery today to start your path to recovery and freedom!

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  • Alice Ross says:

    Using these prohibited drugs is really not giving our body any good. Being a substance abuser you are just like killing yourself slowly. That is why some of them are put to the rehabilitation centers so that they can receive the help that they needed. Having a holistic approach is also wonderful as it includes the; mind, body and spirit that we know are affected when you are addicted to drugs. Those inputs mentioned above are truly nice and educational.

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